Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Best Handmade: 2010

Laurie sent me an invitation asking me to participate in this year's crafty reflection on all things handmade for 2010, and I am thrilled to be sharing the linky love!

Though this blog is the newer of the two I post, it's now the home for all of my present and future crafty endeavors.  By day (and school year) I live amongst the general population as a mild-mannered kindergarten teacher, but by night (and weekends and school vacations) I indulge my need to play with paper in my crafty nook and have even taken the ultimate crafty plunge, creating a shop on Etsy.  

2010 saw me happily crafting in the first of my crafty nooks, making bunting, paper art for window charms, and prize ribbon gift tags:




Then, in mid-July, Mother Nature decided to throw a monkey wrench into our lives while my husband was deployed overseas, causing a flash flood which successfully destroyed most of my paper, crafts, and our furniture and belongings stored downstairs.

Thanks to the help, support, and assistance from friends, family, neighbors and even strangers, our family relocated and has happily recovered from the summer setback.  Friends and fellow crafters donated and gifted paper and other crafty supplies so that I could create "crafty nook 2.0" in our new home, and I've been back to my regularly scheduled (NEEDED) crafty rituals for several months now.  I'm grateful and proud of the crafty recovery, and know it will carry on into the new year!

Of which craft have I been most proud and pleased in 2010?  That would have to be my recent foray into altering adopted ancestors for art!  I've loved scouring antique malls and vintage stores looking for friendly characters:

I'm excited for the next round of papercrafting.... valentines and romantically themed altered art... and for all of the new crafty discoveries and creations that friends, family, blogging compatriots and amazing artisans will inspire me with in 2011!

Crafty Friends *KNOW* Why Their Thank-You Cards are Late...

Especially when they send you boxes like this for your birthday:


...full of not only crafting paper and pom poms and Christmas gifts for the family, but buttons galore too!

Yesterday I decided to get down with  my Mod-Podgey self to decorate clothespins to use on my twiggy branches:


After the clips were dry, I poured all of my buttons out and started digging, fun, fun, FUN!


Employing my new favorite adhesive (thank you for the tip Sheila!), the clothespins are ready for their clipping duty:


So dearest, darling *~Shannon*~, thank you for our wonderful Christmas gifts and goodies, and thank you for knowing me and my crafty heart so well.  It's YOUR fault that none of my other thank-you cards have even been started yet... because I've been busy, crafting.

Love you!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Making Next Year's Gift Tags...

... from this year's Christmas cards:


I LOVE my tag paper punches, one large and one with three different sizes (though the itty bitty one hasn't been much help yet), and managed to clean off part of my crafting table so I could recycle the festive scenes my family and I enjoyed on the Christmas cards we received this holiday season.

I cut the cards down to size and positioned the punches over images that would look nice on next year's Christmas presents and crafts:




Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...Pretty pretty pretty!


Do you save and/or recycle your holiday cards?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!


Yes, it's ME!

Christmas Decor 2010

As I reflect on our 2010 blessings and burdens, I appreciate all that we have: our family, friendships, employment, health, hopes and dreams.

Regular readers of my other blog will remember that we experienced a flood in July while Dear Husband was still deployed overseas.

Our Army Family came to our rescue and Uncle Sam sent DH home several weeks early to help us recover what we could, but our losses and the damage to the property (a rental, thank goodness) required that we move onto post.

The tenderheart in me cannot express how grateful I am that our family's Christmas ornament collection and the stockings my mother embroidered/needlepointed for us were spared the mud, silt, and water this summer.

We will be sharing our Christmas dinner and holiday hospitality with an adopted soldier~ please do remember our veterans and their families this holiday season.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happiness is...

... purchasing the BIG bag of all-purpose flour and bringing it home for holiday baking!


Just ~how~ big is this bag?

Uh, "377 servings" big.

Hellooooooo Christmas cookies!


Today's batch is Chocolate chip/Macadamia nut/cherry...

What's your favorite holiday cookie?

Monday, November 15, 2010

New to Me: Altered "Adopted" Ancestor Art

What to do when you find abandoned photos from long long ago?

Turn them into art (in this case, future gift tags for colleagues' use or my Etsy shop)!

Here's a scan of the original (a subdued, respectable looking gentleman):


Which I decided to make black, gray and white since I thought it would work better with the colored paper (the sepia is charming, but didn't blend):


And after some cutting, arranging and gluing, here's what I have (a little cheeky, but hopefully it makes you smile):


How fun would it be to alter images of your family or students for the holidays?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cleaned Up the Crafty Nook...

... just in time to make a glittery, paper-y, sticky mess for the upcoming holidays:


Yes, an autumn banner shares space with a white tabletop Christmas tree...


No skeletons in this closet, just fabric, paper, hole punches, ribbon, and bags of new crafty projects...


... and a semi-clean work surface just waiting for the next round of crafting!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog Deux

Why here at Twigs and Tulle, why now?

Over seven hundred posts at my other blog, many years of teaching, not so many years of crafting (unless crocheting all of those granny squares decades ago counts... yes, after some reflection... it does), and Life's inevitable changes, and I've found another facet of my personality that is nudging, nodding, clearing its throat to be at the forefront.

The me who loves prettiness.  The me who adores typography.  The me, who more and more, finds excitement and anticipation and I-can-do-that confidence opening her eyes to new crafty interests... so nice to have the anxious, nervous, doubtful me putting herself in Time Out.  

The diamonds, the glitter, the shine; the rubies and jewel tones and curvy pearls.  The soldered window pendants, the ting-ting of the charm bracelets... The velvet, the fur, the silk, lace and denim.  The Bohemian print papers, the weight of the brown packaging paper roll and the crisp cuts of the old schoolhouse paper cutter.  The smell of scented candles, pumpkin in the fall, Christmas greens and cinnamon in the winter.  Long hair clipped up, "artsy fartsy" tendrils framing my Eskimo happy face.  Music in the background, acoustic, instrumental, holiday.

I went to college to become the teacher.  I learned crocheting and sewing from my mother and enjoyed the pairing of creation and conversation over her dining room table at tea.  I should have known ~this~ me would emerge again, asserting her value and importance, friendly but spirited.

Carpets from the Middle East.  Mismatched furniture from here, there, and everywhere.  Cubbies, drawers, nooks and crannies.  Collections, treasures, stories.  Photos.  Magazines, clippings, web bookmarks. 

Rambling.  An easy meander.  No rush.  No deadlines.  No rules to follow.  Here, I'm enough.  And I'll play with earthy twigs, and delicate tulle... and any other inspiring, curious or interesting materials I encounter, or to which friends introduce me.  


Christmas "Ornies..."

... are available in my Etsy shop!

Set of 8 pink snowflake ornaments:

And 8 "traditional" Christmas ornaments:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time for a New Hobby...

... since lifelong learning shouldn't just be a goal for my students!

I've admitted to having a more-than-mild paper addiction, and regular readers know it takes a lot for me to step away from my hot glue gun.  With a sheepish smile on my face however, I have to share the following:

Soldering intimidates me.  Amazes me.  Scares me even.  Makes me fear for my fingertips and any other exposed skin I might be sporting in my crafty nook.

Odd, considering I wield a curling or straightening iron each morning (taming my mane into something presentable for work), and ~those~ things can leave the *worst* burns ever!

Deep breath in, cleansing breath out, deep breath in, and relax, Sheila is here to help:

First, I chose a domino with two 6's on the back for my birth month, December:
... and after trimming the edges with adhesive backed copper strips (I didn't forget to burnish the strips against the domino), Sheila instructed me to paint on some flux, and pick up some lead with the soldering wand:
It wasn't quite like applying nail polish.  Nor was it anything like curling one's hair.  But it was fun, and awkward, and intriguing.

I think I'm going to ask Santa Claus for soldering goodies this Christmas.  Oh yes.

(Sheila provided domino-sized images that could be cut out and Mod Podged onto the face of the domino- I chose a vintage-y little girl with a jack-o-lantern.)
W-A-Y  fun!

Thank you Sheila!

Would YOU like to take a class from Sheila?  

She'll be at Farmstead on November 20th:
 ~ 10 a.m.-12 p.m.  Found Treasures Charm Bracelet (wire wrapping techniques) $45
 ~ 1 p.m.- 3 p.m.  A Crown Fit for a Queen (paper/fabric/millinery/bling)$45
 ~ 2:30 p.m.- 5 p.m.  Let it Snow Banner (sewing on paper and using embellishments)$40

Call 816-858-0120 to register by November 17, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Who Says Halloween Can't be Pretty?

One set of the glitter bat ornies sold yesterday, so I've added another set today! Visit my Etsy shop to take a closer look.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Etsy Shop Re-Opened!



The flood may have destroyed a year's worth of banners and other crafty goodness, but it certainly didn't damage my paper addiction or my love of crafting!

"Boo" banners and autumn paper ornies are available in my Etsy shop- go take a peek!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Going Batty


... but can you blame me?

I'm not the only one!
~ Teaching Heart Mom created a downloadable pretzel bat and pumpkin sorting activity...
~ Handprint bats can be done by painting students' hands or by tracing them...
~ Colored paper bags (or let your students paint or color white or tan paper sacks) make bat puppetry simple and fun...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ETSY Treasury

So nice of getSPOONED to include me in her Sugar and Spice treasury on Etsy:


There are my fuschia banners, top row, second from left!

Prize Ribbon Gift Tags

... some aqua and Christmas red prize ribbon gift tags are drying in the window sill downstairs:


Christmas in July?  No, just Christmas-crafting.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Creativity in the Crafty Nook

I love prize ribbons... science fair ribbons... spelling champion ribbons... foo foo ribbons, decorative ribbons, and crafty ribbons.

I also love wrapping presents, giving gifts, and making gift tags.  With some "tag sale" inspiration, I made picnic tags:

Photobucket floral and plaid tags:

... and digital camouflage tags:

But prize ribbons have been on my mind lately... why couldn't they be used as gift tags?  They have pretty medallions, and a gift recipient's name can easily be written, stamped, or painted on the tails...

Preppy pink and green "prize ribbon" gift tags:

Summer "prize ribbon" flower tags:

Patriotic "prize ribbon" gift tags:

... and aqua and red Christmas "prize ribbon" gift tags (I'm adding silver sparkle to the tips tonight):

Once I figure out how to package these and determine how many to sell together as a set, I'll get these put into my Etsy shop for you... any ideas?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Charming Fortune-Telling Fish

I took a break from banners and bunting to play with some scraps, odds and ends:


I'd never seen the fortune telling fish before, but it came in a package of ephemera I got during my trip to Farmstead last year.  After playing with some more scraps and trying out a new adhesive, I couldn't bring myself to make "inchies," so I settled for 1 3/4 X 1 3/4 bases... I'd love to see how these would look as charms, but, alas, I don't solder: