Sunday, April 24, 2011

Habby Eeser!


You guessed it:  Just in time for Easter, I caught a spring cold.

I hab a code in my doze.

Doesn't mean I can't share the simple, sweet prettiness of eggs dyed by Dear Daughter and the Pre-Schooler though!

Whatever Easter means to you, I hope you have a ~lovely~ day!

(I'm off to track down some more Puffs Plus with Aloe)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Became the Day...

... I discovered another use for cupcake liners and gift bag paper shreds.

Oh my... it was a good day in the crafty nook!





How are you decorating for Easter?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Sweetness


When the family and I returned from our Disneyworld vacation, a sweet crafty spring egg was waiting for me, destined to be displayed next to a spring mâché and fabric bunny in our entryway.


Peach, white, and minty green papers create a nested pocket for a sweet bird and her little eggs, the creation of one of my favorite bloggy/crafty friends, Laurie.


Oh yes, the "awww" factor is high for spring and Easter this year!  Thank you Laurie, and be on the look-out when you check the mail over the next week or so!

Would you like to pay Laurie a visit?  Hop over to her blog, Indulge Your Shelf.   She finds the most amazing and lovely vintage treasures, and even better, she shares them with us via her fabulous photos and her Etsy shops!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crickets Chirping

Have you heard them here at Twigs and Tulle while I've been away?

**chirp chirp**

Where did I go?  No crafting, no photos, no links, no liberal applications of glitter, tulle, buttons...

**chirp chirp**

Report card time took up many of my work and after-work hours...

Then the family and I went to meet these fine characters for the ~very first time~:

Dear Daughter traveled to a powerlifting competition where she broke and set three new powerlifting records for her weight class (strong girls are COOL)...

... and I was surprised to find that a bump on the back of my leg was a tumor.

Yuck.  The "t" word.  Thankfully it was benign, and I spent yesterday morning at the doctor's having it removed.   Good riddance!

Between teaching, traveling, mothering, all of the aforementioned and tracking down a master salt cellar for my mother's birthday, time escaped me.

Does that happen to you?

Dearest Sheila and Kelly have asked me to teach a paper bunting class this May, so I'm busily creating a prototype this week.  Never fear, I'll post the details about the class a.s.a.p., and will also catch you all up on the fabulous blogs I discovered during One World One Heart (February).

...not that the crickets' music is bad, but I've missed blogging.