Monday, January 27, 2014


Sometimes you stumble across the perfect item.  For me this weekend, it was a pillow.

"Mom Cave."  The perfect nickname for my crafty nook.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Crocheted Cowl

I've been crocheting since I was a young girl, and have enjoyed making afghans and scarves for years.  Adding new crochet inspiration to my Pinterest board, Colorful Crochet, I stumbled across multiple links to easy patterns for cowls.

The weather here in Oz has been up and d-d-d-d-down (don't mind my teeth chattering) this January, so a cowl seemed like the ideal afternoon project.  Several hours later, I was finished and pleased with the result:

 photo cowl_zpse39fd55d.jpg

Yet another chilly day at work provided the perfect opportunity to wear it:

 photo 20140121_065238-1_zpsc1fe6b54.jpg

Large enough to go over my hair and face without mussing, with a single twist in the front for a pretty drape... score!  I'm thinking of crocheting flowers that I can pin onto it for fun.

But why stop at just one?

That's right: now I have a pretty pastel pink cowl to help keep me warm whenever the temperature drops again!


Do you create and wear your own clothing and accessories?  What's your favorite piece?

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Have you ever purchased an organization fixture that made it necessary to rethink, shift, and make over parts of your creative space?

This week I walked in to our soon-to-be-out-of-business Archivers store (it's sad to see a craft store go) and walked out with various papers, craft supplies, and a paper rack:

I have all sorts of scrapbooking papers and cardstock, and have stored it all in clear plastic drawers for years, but when I saw this rack, I knew it would be the perfect addition to the crafty nook.  Being able to ~see~ my paper (or at least a significant portion of it) would come in handy.  It might even help get the creative juices flowing on those days I want to make something but am lost as to where I might like to start.  That's right, this rack promised efficiency and inspiration when I saw it, so it came home with me.

Here's the only place it could fit, under the bunting bars where my chalkboard has lived since we moved into the house:

What to do.

There's no more floor space in my crafty nook, but I'm not yet feeling crowded.  My most inefficient spot however, is my desk of all places.  I decided to make some changes.

Off comes the old Mac (look at that doorstop!), shelves full of mail, school papers, and magazines, glass board, and piles of paper.

On goes a tablecloth to lighten up the wood:

My chalkboard, legs removed, is leaned against the wall:

... followed by the addition of the glass board and a small dress maker's form:

My pens, pencils, paper and speakers went on next:

... and ~voila~:

Much better.  Sure, the shredder, printer, and some canvases are still stored under the desk, but now there's room for my laptop, art journal, knick knacks, and I can use the chalkboard for reminders and notes.  

And the paper rack?  Take a look:


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Quick and Easy: Pretty Packaging for Cookies

I am a cookie baker.

I love cookies.

I love to bake.

My family loves cookies.

My colleagues love cookies.

I love to eat cookies.

I love the way cookie dough in the oven makes my house smell.

Cookies = happiness.

Oh yes.

It's also fun when I'm asked to bake cookies for fund raising sales, potlucks, parties, and gifts.  For those events, I like to make cookies pretty and portable.

After the cookies have cooled completely, it's time to package them.  I use large paper muffin baking cup liners, regular sized muffin baking cup liners, cello bags and ribbon.   Toss those plain ol' twist-ums, I say. 

The larger muffin cup liner is nestled down into the medium sized liner.  I love that pop of color!

Oh, how I wish the internet had Smell-o-Vision.  Chocolate chip oatmeal pecan cookies... mmm.

Carefully place the cookie-filled liners into the bottom of a cello bag, twist, and tie with ribbon.  Today I used light pink grosgrain ribbon trimmed with bright pink stitching to match the muffin liners.  If there's too much plastic left at the top of the bag after tying, cut it off with scissors or pinking shears.

All ready to go!


I have a thing for muffin tin liners.  I can't resist buying a pack whenever I come across a pretty color or pattern:

 What's your favorite cookie?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Straightening Up

Though I feel inspired and creative most weekends in my crafty nook, there are days when I just need to straighten up...

... the magazines I've enjoyed for the past month...

Nothing like having a Stampington addiction.

... tools, sheet music, fabric, and other items so they don't spend another day perched precariously on a table top...

... and bottle brush trees.  They tip over, don't you know?

Unlike those who are ready for winter to be over, I would LOVE to have a few more snow days to spend at home, papercrafting, baking, and reading blogs, which I can ~now~ do since the crafty nook is back in order.

Funny how that works, isn't it?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow Day: Bunting, Blogging, Baking


Today is the second (school) snow day for me this week.  I was a good girl and worked on lesson plans and learning centers for tomorrow's inevitable return to the classroom, but once done, and after starting a load of laundry, I came down to the crafty nook.

It's been ~forever~ since I've made bunting, but I've had hearts on my mind since taking down the Christmas tree:

Five panels, multiple patterns of paper, and some glittery stars and tulle to finish it off.

I ♡ making bunting.

And blogging.

And baking.

Time to make some cookies.


How are you staying warm?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Repair, Rework, Reinvent... Refreshed

My first crafty task of the new year:

Taking apart my not-worn-lately jewelry, repairing it, reworking it, reinventing pieces.

Refreshed and ready to wear.

Who knew pliers would become one of my favorite tools?

Happy New Year!

May 2014 bring you happy adventures, creative inspiration, joyful discoveries, and good health!