Saturday, January 25, 2014


Have you ever purchased an organization fixture that made it necessary to rethink, shift, and make over parts of your creative space?

This week I walked in to our soon-to-be-out-of-business Archivers store (it's sad to see a craft store go) and walked out with various papers, craft supplies, and a paper rack:

I have all sorts of scrapbooking papers and cardstock, and have stored it all in clear plastic drawers for years, but when I saw this rack, I knew it would be the perfect addition to the crafty nook.  Being able to ~see~ my paper (or at least a significant portion of it) would come in handy.  It might even help get the creative juices flowing on those days I want to make something but am lost as to where I might like to start.  That's right, this rack promised efficiency and inspiration when I saw it, so it came home with me.

Here's the only place it could fit, under the bunting bars where my chalkboard has lived since we moved into the house:

What to do.

There's no more floor space in my crafty nook, but I'm not yet feeling crowded.  My most inefficient spot however, is my desk of all places.  I decided to make some changes.

Off comes the old Mac (look at that doorstop!), shelves full of mail, school papers, and magazines, glass board, and piles of paper.

On goes a tablecloth to lighten up the wood:

My chalkboard, legs removed, is leaned against the wall:

... followed by the addition of the glass board and a small dress maker's form:

My pens, pencils, paper and speakers went on next:

... and ~voila~:

Much better.  Sure, the shredder, printer, and some canvases are still stored under the desk, but now there's room for my laptop, art journal, knick knacks, and I can use the chalkboard for reminders and notes.  

And the paper rack?  Take a look:


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