Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crickets Chirping

Have you heard them here at Twigs and Tulle while I've been away?

**chirp chirp**

Where did I go?  No crafting, no photos, no links, no liberal applications of glitter, tulle, buttons...

**chirp chirp**

Report card time took up many of my work and after-work hours...

Then the family and I went to meet these fine characters for the ~very first time~:

Dear Daughter traveled to a powerlifting competition where she broke and set three new powerlifting records for her weight class (strong girls are COOL)...

... and I was surprised to find that a bump on the back of my leg was a tumor.

Yuck.  The "t" word.  Thankfully it was benign, and I spent yesterday morning at the doctor's having it removed.   Good riddance!

Between teaching, traveling, mothering, all of the aforementioned and tracking down a master salt cellar for my mother's birthday, time escaped me.

Does that happen to you?

Dearest Sheila and Kelly have asked me to teach a paper bunting class this May, so I'm busily creating a prototype this week.  Never fear, I'll post the details about the class a.s.a.p., and will also catch you all up on the fabulous blogs I discovered during One World One Heart (February).

...not that the crickets' music is bad, but I've missed blogging.

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