Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Creativity in the Crafty Nook

I love prize ribbons... science fair ribbons... spelling champion ribbons... foo foo ribbons, decorative ribbons, and crafty ribbons.

I also love wrapping presents, giving gifts, and making gift tags.  With some "tag sale" inspiration, I made picnic tags:

Photobucket floral and plaid tags:

... and digital camouflage tags:

But prize ribbons have been on my mind lately... why couldn't they be used as gift tags?  They have pretty medallions, and a gift recipient's name can easily be written, stamped, or painted on the tails...

Preppy pink and green "prize ribbon" gift tags:

Summer "prize ribbon" flower tags:

Patriotic "prize ribbon" gift tags:

... and aqua and red Christmas "prize ribbon" gift tags (I'm adding silver sparkle to the tips tonight):

Once I figure out how to package these and determine how many to sell together as a set, I'll get these put into my Etsy shop for you... any ideas?

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  1. Hi
    I am interested in your gingham tags please can you tell me if you sell them or how to make them.
    Thank you


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