Sunday, March 6, 2011

Better Late than Never...

Better late than never (remember, you can file/bookmark this one for next year's Read Across America activities or Dr. Seuss celebrations), here's a quick and easy Star Bellied Sneetch Tee Tutorial.  Sneetch Shirt Numero Uno was lost in the flood, as green marabou (or "foo foo" as my Stars refer to it) silt, mud and flood water did NOT create a flattering fashion statement once everything was laundered and dried.  Being a kindergarten teacher means I get to wear ~fabulous~ fashions from time to time, so I happily created another shirt in time for last week's reading fun.

What you'll need (I purchased all of my materials from Hobby Lobby- make sure to sign up for their coupons because 40% off REALLY helps AND because they don't honor competitors' coupons at this point in time):


Oversized *bright* yellow shirt
Green fabric paint (I tried spray paint but followed up with regular fabric paint in green)
Star stencil (you can also free-hand a star OR create a fabric star and iron it on with fusible webbing)
Green marabou (though white would work well too)
Needle and thread
T-shirt "board" or brown paper bag/cardboard insert so paint doesn't bleed through to back of shirt
Napkins or protective paper

The green foo foo comes in a length long enough to trim the bottom edge of the shirt.  Though Seuss' illustrations show the feathers at the Sneetch's necks, I don't recommend sewing the marabou there because the stuff is VERY fluffy, feathery, and sheds!  Picking foo foo out of your lipgloss or hair all day long isn't fun, trust me on this one.

Use a needle and thread to hand-sew the marabou around the hem of your shirt.  Don't be too precise or picky as you'll have to cut the threads to remove the foo foo before laundering.

Have fun rockin' the teacher fashion, or making your own Seuss-inspired costumes for other events!

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  1. You are so dedicated! I wish I looked that good in yellow -- I can't wear it at all!


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