Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cake/Cupcake Toppers

With only nine days left in the school year (I'm a full time kindergarten teacher), I've had little time to hole up in the crafty nook to play with paper to my heart's content.  Thankfully, these little accordion-folded rosettes (or do they look more like prize ribbon medallions?) are quick to whip up and glue onto lollipop sticks:


Topping cakes and cupcakes, they bring  lollipoppy or pinwheel-ey fun to traditional party desserts!

June 18 is the date for my Polka Dots and Picnics Bunting and Cupcake Topper crafty class!  You'll be able to reserve your spot soon through The Peacock Cafe for $30, and you'll need to make sure you bring a glue gun/low-temp melt glue sticks, sharp scissors and a smile!  You'll leave with party bunting and cupcake toppers to complete your next picnic or summer party:


Three cheers for summertime fun!

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  1. Cute toppers and a wonderfully fun bunting!! I just posted decorations I did for my daughter's birthday party, if you're interested :)

    Good luck on the class....sounds delightful!


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