Thursday, May 31, 2012

I've been away for blogging for so long that even the Blogger publishing template has changed.

Deep breath in, slowly out.  I thought with school off of my schedule for the next two months that I'd be able to casually rejoin Blogland, catch you up, enjoy the slower pace, share and create, reconnect.

First ten seconds back on the blog and I'm looking at a new-to-me format, and I'm trying to determine while keeping my breathing slow and steady (calm Michaele, calm, it's summer break) which buttons I'll be pushing to publish this hello-I'm-still-here message that hopefully won't turn out to be the buttons that delete it instead.

And now to find out if I can insert a photo...

3 babies

Brilliant!  Looks like the template and I are going to get along.  Those are my babies, The College Senior, The College Freshman, and The Newly-Minted First Grader.  It's been a busy year.

Dear Daughter graduated earlier this month:



The First Grader had an allergic reaction to ~something~ during the last week he was still The Kindergartner, requiring an emergency visit to the eye doctor:


New Home Owner projects continued on, and #4 was having a backsplash installed (what an improvement!):





... and I started, better late than never, to play with photo apps:


Of course many other things happened too, which is why I was away for so long.  Back to b...a...l...a...n...c...e.

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  1. OH it is good to see you back! The backsplash is lovely but your happy family is even lovelier! Enjoy your well-deserved summer break!


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