Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Tweak Here and There

When the First Grader and I were hunting for Halloween decor, we came across a cardstock jack-o-lantern/scarecrow, cheery-faced but with some fading, bends, and a hole:

tweak original

Produced by Hallmark, it probably decorated a classroom or bedroom each Halloween for a few years before finding its way to an antique mall.  For .75 cents, I wasn't worried about any additional damage we might do to it.

I used pennant-shaped punches (black glitter, of course!) and some orange B-O-O stickers to make it look like Mr. Jack was holding a banner:

tweak pennants

... and added some dovetailed ribbon to complete the effect:

tweak ribbon

The hole in his hat had to be camouflaged:

tweak hole

... and then a little twig broom and some fabric leaves finished it off:

tweak final 3

Much better, don't you think?


Sure, I can cut triangles, but a paper punch is easier and faster to use- here's my favorite pennant-shaped punch- you might remember me using it for this project a few months back!

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  1. Cuteness! I adore the wreath you have in your header with the vintage Halloween cut outs, too!


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