Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bat Ornament Tutorial

It's almost Halloween, and as in years past, I participated in Sarah's  Halloween Swap.  Having an abundance of paper, tinsel, ribbon, and some fun paper punches, I entertained the thought of going a little batty with my offering.

Here's what I used:

Holiday tinsel?  You bet!

I glued a length of black and white grosgrain ribbon to the back of some brown and black printed cardstock to make a loop and some tails.  Adding more glue, I coiled the tinsel into a loop and smooshed it on top of the ribbon, making sure to press the tinsel flat with the palm of my hand.

Here's what it looks like:

... and on the flip side:

Time to add a colorful backing!  I used the same large floral punch on polka-dotted Halloween paper, added a generous amount of hot glue, and smooshie-smoosh-smooshed again:

Smooshing flattens the fluffy tinsel, spreading it out fairly evenly, but you might still want to even up the edges with scissors:

I cut strips from an old book page with pinking shears:

... and layered them over the brown and black print cardstock:

I added a glittery silver circle...

... and then layered on a spice colored medallion and a black bat!

I like the finishing touch of cutting dovetails into the ribbon:

Finally, I added a hook for hanging:

I've already searched through my stash of Christmas paper and have found some cute prints that would work well with this medallion style of ornament.  No rush of course, but another version to look forward to making!


Thank you to all of the other swap participants, and special thanks to Sarah for hosting this fun event!  I LOVE all of the treasures you created, especially since they arrived right as I was diagnosed with pneumonia.  Talk about a spooktacular pick-me-up:


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. Love all the special embellishments. Your ornament is proudly hanging on my orange feather tree! I hope you are feeling better.


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