Friday, March 21, 2014

Simple Fix

It's almost always the ~simple fix~ that eludes me.

Blog browsing, I discovered Cathe Holden's studio barn this morning, and wouldn't you know it, after examining photo after glorious photo, I realized that she had provided the perfect solution to my lighting dilemma.

Open up her blog post next to this one.  Now scroll down three photos.  See that table?  See those lamps?  A simple solution, and yet also ~pure genius~.

I have a small lamp on my desk, and another on top of a set of my fabric storage drawers.  Tucked in a corner strung over branches are twinkle lights, and other than the morning light that streams in from one regular sized window and one narrow partner for the first half of the day, all I have to truly brighten my workspace is a regular old overhead light.

Though it's bright, I end up casting shadows with my own head and shoulders when I work on charms or bunting.  I have no idea how it's possible, but the overhead light actually sets a dreary tone.  One look at Cathe's work table, and I knew just what to do with the small table lamp that had been **this close** to being added to the summer yard sale pile.

It's taller than my lazy Susan storage, and thin/narrow enough to not take up a bunch of room on my table.  Instead of two lamps, twinkle lights and the overhead light, I can now set the tone and comfort level with this small lamp, but don't worry: the twinkle lights stay on.  They're essential.

I'll be shopping for just the right lightbulbs in the future, I'm sure.  I want colors to be true, and I want to see details.  Improved vision will also be aided by another simple solution:

Hello magnifying glasses.  Welcome to my forties.

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  1. How wonderful you were inspired by my table lamp set up. When in fact I was actually inspired by someone else! Check out this post and you'll see where I got my inspiration! Thank you for the kind link, your studio is fantastic!


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