Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Swap Treasure

Despite my work schedule, I try my hardest to participate in a crafty swap of some sort each year.

It feels good to create something unique, and to share it as a treat to other like-minded folks.

Sarah over at Makin' Projiks has hosted Valentine and Halloween ornament swaps for who-knows-how-many-years now, and I have looked forward to receiving the telltale priority mail box with my name on it e-v-e-r-y year that I've participated:

Just LOOK at all of the autumn crafty goodness that was packed inside!

The twiggy branches in my crafty nook are FULL- time to look for a black feather tree for ornaments next year:

My contribution to the swap this year was a cardstock/adopted ancestor ornament, "Aunt Batty, Halloween Queen:"

I found an old photograph at an antique mall here in Oz, colorized her, and then printed multiple copies of her out, adding bat wings, a witch's hat, a full moon (of text) and some bling.

She got a different makeover last year:

Happy Halloween and THANK YOU to Sarah (her swap posts can be found here and here) and all of the crafty swappers this year- I love your creations, and look forward to displaying them for many more Halloweens to come!

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