Sunday, January 25, 2015

Heart to Heart 2015: Ready to Be Mailed!

First of all, Happy New Year!

I've been away from Twigs and Tulle since Thanksgiving, but for wonderful holiday-ish reasons.  All of the babies were home for Christmas (The College Graduate, Dear Daughter, and The Third Grader) which meant shopping, exploratory excursions, and lots of baking, cooking, and time spent together.  School was just as busy, full of happy kindergartners who hoped just as I did that we might enjoy a white Christmas.

Alas, Mother Nature has been sending our wished-for snow elsewhere all winter long.  It's January, and we're to reach 65 degrees mid-week. 

The Eskimo in me is not happy.

Thank goodness for the Crafty Nook and Sarah's annual Heart to Heart Swap!

The twiggy branches are full of ornaments and sweet decor from swaps past, so it was easy to find inspiration for my own creations this year.

Did you think I was going to SHOW you what I made?  Oh, no no-no-no.  Not until I receive this year's batch of heart themed goodness from Sarah.

To tide you over until then, check out my Pinterest board, I ❤️ Hearts.

Who else is participating this year?  Did ~you~ get snow?


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