Sunday, March 20, 2016

Keeping a Spring Break Promise

I get to put a checkmark next to a promise I added to my Spring Break want-to-do list:

I followed up on a tutorial that I saved to Pinterest from a wonderful lady, Debbie Saenz, over at her blog, A Creative Life.  I haven't seen her post for a few years now (she does have an Etsy shop), but am terribly appreciative that her mixed media tutorial is still available online.

Following her instructions and photos for guidance and inspiration, I managed to make a fabulous mess in my crafty nook today, and used half a jar of Mod Podge in the process.



You know you're in crafting heaven when you realize that you ~enjoy~ peeling the dried Mod Podge from your fingers, all elementary-school-days-wet-glue style. 

Scrabble tiles on the floor (I decided to print my text instead of using them), along with pieces of vintage sheet music and old book pages... acrylic paint, water, foam and bristle brushes, ribbon, lace, scissors, stamp pads, E-6000 and Mod Podge... oh, buttons too... you name it, I probably grabbed it to have within easy reach while I tried to determine how to alter my canvases.

The first canvas was stretched over a frame, resulting in a LOT of air bubbles and wrinkles across the surface, while my second canvas covering heavy cardboard or chipboard, made it easier (and faster) to layer papers with Mod Podge, and other elements with glue.

Here's the second canvas:

I came ~this close~ to NOT painting the book and music pages... But I had paint left over from the first canvas that I didn't want to waste, so I used it.

Ohhhhhhhhh, let's not forget the bubble wrap!  See the texture I added to the pink wash by pressing white paint onto bubble wrap and then touching it to the canvas?

Bubble wrap is just as fun to paint with as it is to pop.


My friend Karen suggested a quote from Winnie the Pooh for my collages:

... inspiring me to use a single word to fill this heart:

Thank you, dear friend.

I completed two collages one day before I head back to the classroom for the beginning of the last quarter for this school year.  I was cutting it close, but I kept a spring break promise to myself: learn something new and create something from it.


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