Monday, May 30, 2016

Simple Summer Porch Decor

Summer has started, which means it's time to summer-clean, summer-sort, and summer-decorate.

I don't go hog wild because hey, it's this teacher's ~vacation~ after a surprisingly difficult school year.

Simple is good.  I have books to catch up on, recorded mini-series to binge-watch, crafting to do.

I found a beautiful hanging basket (flat, pouch-style) on sale a few weeks ago at Nell Hill's, a glorious home decor shop, just waiting for some faux flowers... white cherry blossoms and blue hydrangeas, maybe?

The cherry blossom branches are on long wired stems and were easy to bend:

The hydrangeas were in a bush, and needed to be cut apart.  I spread each stem away from the base:

... and then snippity-snipped.  My continued use of highly technical terms likely indicates to you that my summer break really has just begun.  Give me a week or two.  I'll relax.  I promise.

Then it was time to tuck and arrange the branches and stems.  I thought I'd need the green floral wire to attach the stems to some of the woven basket sections, but I ended up liking the floppy arrangement well enough to not use it. 


Not quite...

Ding ding ding!  We have a winner!

Go ahead, blame the inner-Alaskan in me for using spring flowers for summer porch decor.  I won't mind.

I'll be busy reading, watching, and crafting, after all. 

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