Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Oh Christmas Trees, Oh Christmas Trees...

... how sparkly are thy branches.

One of my longest delayed decorating whirlwinds ever (thanks to an overwhelmingly busy school year that has had me beyond exhausted) finally occurred on Monday and Tuesday, just days before Christmas.

Houston, we have TREES!

 There's one on the front porch:

 ... and one upstairs between the living and dining rooms, being kept company by two Norfolk pines (not pictured) that hopefully won't go into shock after I replanted them into larger ceramic pots.

 The Fifth Grader helped me decorate our kitschy tree for the downstairs den, full of felt ornaments and glittery bulbs, with Abominable greeting us each time we congregate for a holiday movie:

... and I couldn't resist putting my ever-growing collection of vintage ornaments on display in my crafty nook:

Better late than never, and there's an ever-so-significant-SLIGHT chance that the trees will stay up past the New Year.

Can you blame me?

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