Thursday, December 21, 2017

Simple Fabric Wreath

Thanks to the addition of Luci-the-Wonder-Beagle (our daughter's sweet, energetic and rowdiness-inspiring pet) to our household, our usual Christmas decor is requiring a change in strategy.

Upstairs (and exposed) goes the kitsch tree with its felt and shatterproof Alaskan/matryoshka mix, while all of the fragile ornamental treasures AND presents go downstairs behind a baby gate.

Sorry Luci, but that's just how it has to be.  That goes for you too, Buck.

Yes, yes, both of you.

With the change in decor, it's time for a new wreath.  I started with two yards of four different colored fabrics and a green wire form:

Our eldest, already home for Christmas, used pinking shears to cut the fabric into strips about ten inches long and two inches wide:

And then it was time to tie, tie, tie.  The frame has four separate circles in graduated sizes, so I chose different combinations of the four fabrics to tie from the inner to outer wire, mixing it all up as I went along:

Door before:

Door after:

Simple and fun!

~Merry Christmas!~

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