Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I (Crafty-Heart) Love Snow Days

I do.

I love snow days.  They're a little gift to my crafty I-want-to-play-in-paper-and-yarn-and-bits-and-bobs self.

Lesson plans, written and printed.  Center prep, done.  Construction paper for crafts, cut and sorted.

Which makes "snow days" FREE days for me.

Today I'll be weaving ends into a humongous afghan I've crocheted for my dear mother, and catching up on back issues of my favorite Stampington publications and home decor mags that no, as a matter of fact, I didn't have time to read over the holiday break, and I'll use the crockpot to make dinner, *just* to extend my hours of creativity.

I might make more valentine-y messes too:

... decide whether to turn these into gift tags or string them onto ribbon for bunting:

... and enjoy my Valentine tree, full of past swappy ornament goodness:

I ❤️ snow days.

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