Saturday, June 1, 2019

So, It Turns Out... I Have Some Yarn

I've finished five afghans in five months: yay, me!

In need of June crochet inspiration, I meandered downstairs to the crafty nook to look through my yarn.

Some was here, some was there...

Oh, and some was over in that corner.  Oh, oh, don't forget the basket, too!  Skeins, cakes, balls.

And then I began pulling furniture away from the wall, because, well, why not:

... emptying all of my cubby shelves (the floor is a disaster) and stacking them upright:

Then filling in each cubby so I could see exactly what I have, and realizing:


I need more cubbies.



No, no, I'm not going to show you the floor, because I actually need to rethink the layout of my entire craft room now.  That's right: while trying to figure out what yarn to use for my June afghan, I ended up in ye olde redecorate mode.  


With only a day left before my last semester of graduate school starts (the end is nigh, the end is nigh!) I won't be crocheting tomorrow.  I'll be redecorating. 

No, I still haven't figured out which yarn to use for June. 

Yes, I need to go get more cubbies and do a whole lot of rearranging.

And I need to find my floor, because... wow.  

Just... wow.

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  1. Love the way you display the yarn. So pretty. I can't wait to see how the room evolves again. I am working on my room, as there *may* have been an influx of new goodies.


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