Sunday, August 25, 2019

At Last: The Return of the Crafty Nook

For two years, my crafty nook has served double-duty as my grad school homework hub and unfortunately, a storage room for the materials I used to regularly create with. Books and notebooks here, syllabi and portfolio standards there, and yarn everywhere else.  My Bunnies by the Bay collection collected dust.  My soldering wand was rarely used.  No new paper banners or bunting were made.

Mid-summer, and oh-so-near the end of my master's project (a week before, to be exact), I ended up having a hysterectomy (hallelujah!), which postponed my craft room reset for over a month.  Not even allowed back to work until last Friday, I decided that this was the weekend to reclaim my space.

I cleaned off my desktop computer, updated its OS... vacuumed... selected which textbook essentials to keep within reach and which to put away... brought two small plants downstairs... discovered my teacher's bag hadn't been cleaned out and washed since spring... and found a whole stack of magazines and a few books that I had acquired during my master's program still waiting to be read.

Though I still have some school stuff on my desk (school-school, not grad school), the space is looking and feeling so much more like what I originally intended it to be and what it had been prior to my return to college: my crafty retreat.  My space, where I don't compromise or try to please anyone else including professors, administrators, colleagues, students, friends, children or my spouse is a must-have for me.  I can see my yarn.  My bunnies are clean, small artwork is displayed, and I can come down whenever I want to and enjoy every bit of the space without avoiding or neglecting all of the projects I very much want to undertake.

Take a look (it's rainy and gloomy outside, cozy inside):

Even Tish-Tish approves.

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