Sunday, October 27, 2019

Junkstock with Jodi, 2019

Somehow between rounds of a tummy bug and a six-day-flu battle, I managed to score enough healthy days to spend a weekend with my lifelong friend, Jodi, at Junkstock 2019.  Catching up, enjoying some laughter and discovering new-to-us treasures, we couldn't help but revel in the hours where we could escape our responsibilities, chores, and worries.

Adulting can be hard, right?  This is where pumpkin houses, Volkswagons decorated with mums and lots of creative vendors come to the rescue:

We found some nods to our shared Alaska history:

Our musical demographic was well-represented too (name that song!):

And seasonal goodies could be found 'round every corner:

I treated myself to a wood and leather watch (don't worry, I eventually took the protective plastic cover off of the face):

... and Jodi and I bought ourselves some sweet and even sassy treasures for home (our "Ew, People" and "Suck it up, Buttercup" shirts ROCK, despite me somehow missing taking photos of them):

Here's to the next thirty-five years of our friendship, Jodums.  I love you.

Thank you, Junkstock!

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