Friday, June 5, 2020

Twinkle Lights Perspective

Most of the little chores on my to-do list were wrapped up yesterday, and my summer education workshop begins next Monday. I've been learning a lot about shared and unshared histories and present-days like many of you this week, which has been emotionally draining and oh-so-necessary. I decided to take a break this morning to do a little something for myself in my crafty nook.

I thought I'd just be putting up twinkle lights in the window and across the cubbies of yarn, and doing a little dusting.  I know... twinkle lights?  I've loved them for so long, but cannot bring myself to go all out Christmas-in-June-Instead-of-July because... I just can't.  There's a glimmer of hope in the back of my mind that December will be a happier, healthier time, and more peaceful to boot, so I want to keep holiday magic off in the distance and something to which I can look forward.  Also, nothing feels terribly celebratory at the moment.  I just need some... softness.

I ended up shifting my craft table, card catalog, green chairs and side table too, nothing difficult or strenuous.  This weekend when I work with some jewelry assemblage pieces, I'll be able to see out of the window instead of looking directly at the same desk and wall that I sat at for hours on end, March through May, for "continuous learning."

I needed a change, nothing drastic, just a slightly different view.  I made sure to tuck my classroom materials away, all except for my rainbow pointer because it just looks at home in my tool carousel. I put up the twinkle lights and pulled out some small drawers full of jewelry bits and bobs. I found my copy of The Jewelry Recipe Book and I listened to Bon Iver's RABi on repeat.

It was a good morning.

I know, I know, I need to make a throw rug for those fun mystery spots on the floor.  They're not wet, they don't smell, and I haven't got a clue.

But I've got yarn... and twinkle lights... and a fresh perspective.  I can remedy this problem.


We can remedy this one:

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