Thursday, October 7, 2010

Going Batty


... but can you blame me?

I'm not the only one!
~ Teaching Heart Mom created a downloadable pretzel bat and pumpkin sorting activity...
~ Handprint bats can be done by painting students' hands or by tracing them...
~ Colored paper bags (or let your students paint or color white or tan paper sacks) make bat puppetry simple and fun...


  1. These are gorgeous! Do you sell them? Are they pins? I've searched your blog for more info, but had no luck. You are SO creative!

  2. Thanks Suzan!

    The flood (July) took most of my craft supplies, ornies and banners (all paper), and the move to our new home was a loooonnnnnggggg, drawn out process with the start of the school year thrown in for good measure. As a result, I am just now getting back into a regular crafting groove.... good news? My Etsy shop will be up and running again! Check the right hand side of my blogroll for the link to my shop- I'll have banners and ornies like the batty ones listed this weekend.


  3. I see - ornie/ takes me a minute! lol What a great idea for decorating!


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