Monday, January 23, 2012

Christening the New Crafty Nook

I can't stop referring to it as my crafty nook.  Yes, it's a room, no longer the five-by-five space in a daylight basement (that would eventually be destroyed by a flood) that it used to be.

It's spacious.  It's mostly organized.  It's ready to be christened.

Let's start here:


...and make a mock up for a valentine swap:


There we go.  Get the pieces organized, and make sure the hot melt glue sticks and needle and thread are within reach:



Clear a little space for the happy assembly line:


Forget to photograph the glittering process.  Forgetting allows the camera to remain glue-and-glitter-free, which is probably a good thing for all of its little buttons.

Move to the windowsill, full of daylight:


And the crafty nook has now successfully produced its maiden craft project.



I've been enjoying Pinterest lately- what beautiful things have you been pinning there?

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  1. Divine! Congratulations on your very wonderful crafty space. Blissful creativity...


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