Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

Hello there and welcome to Twigs and Tulle!  I'm so glad you dropped by to visit my creative space, and am very appreciative that Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage created this wonderful blog-hopping event for creative souls.

My name is Michaele ("My-kul," yes, "like the boy's name") and in addition to all of the things I've described myself as in my bio, I'm a crafter.  Having always been surrounded by people who make and do, from traditional arts and crafts such as needlework, knitting, crocheting, baking and cooking, it was only a matter of time before I tried working with new materials and tools, though initially I was more inclined to use them in my classroom with my kindergarten students.

Like my interests, my creative space has changed significantly over the years.  Being a military family, we've relocated from Alaska to New Mexico, Kansas and Texas with a return trip to Oz.  We've lived in military housing and in rentals, with the possibility of having a little extra space for my "hobbies" unpredictable with each move we made.  My first crafty nook consisted of a desk and set of bookshelves where I could read, sort through small materials, and introduce myself to the world of blogging.  I still had to take over the dining room table for any sizable project, and had to have it all cleaned and put away by dinnertime.

The next incarnation of my crafty nook was a space in front of the only two windows in the daylight basement of a rental property we moved into once we returned to Kansas.  Gifted with an old bedroom dresser and chest of drawers for storage, I tracked down a small table and chair, and was able to keep my mess away from my family and my family away from my mess, which worked wonders for me as I began to craft with paper.  Unfortunately, I was unable to keep Mother Nature's flood waters away from my creative space.

You read that correctly: our house flooded.  While my husband was deployed.  Oy.  Grateful we were safe, and thankful for the friends, volunteers and Army family who helped us, I tearfully bid my crafty nook and almost everything in it goodbye as we worked through salvage and clean up.  Though only material and replaceable items were lost, there was a part of me that mourned the items that I had created.  It was fellow crafters who reached out to me with their understanding, support and kindness, and with their help, my crafty nook was reborn.

You'll notice it's not really a nook but rather a room now (we've bought our dream home) and it's an assemblage of repurposed storage and furniture, gifted items and materials, each unmatched piece having its own story:


Somerset publications fill my bookcase, and paper punches, art paper and fabric are stored in little bins below display boards:


I can sit and relax with some coffee or tea:


Next to my chair is a crafty tote filled with ribbon, lace, trim and buttons, materials I use regularly:


My desktop certainly needs an upgrade now that I'm creating altered art with adopted ancestors!  I love to visit antique stores and sort through boxes of vintage photographs.



I covered our tall metal file cabinet with Christmas wrapping paper to gussy up its surface.  It's an inspiration and reminder board all in one with knick knacks, cards and cd's stored above:



My view from the file cabinet includes my craft table, stool, and desk organizer.  I love that so many of us have the same one... seriously, I should keep a tally of how many white wooden lazy Susan-type jobbies I find as I visit your studios!  My table sits in the middle of the room:


...while many of my craft materials are stored in fabric totes and cubbies along the wall:


What's in my repurposed card catalog?  Ribbon and glitter of course!


I decorate pre-seasonally as it takes me time to make gifts and Etsy shop items, and I enjoy displaying ornaments and gifts received in swaps.  Who else is ready for Halloween in July?



Keeping little treasures sorted yet accessible is easy with my cupcake holder, tea cups and votives:


I tend to find interesting-to-me little items here and there, thimbles, toys, ornaments, etc., but it was Dear Husband who gave me the starts of my own Eskimo army:



Bars keep my paper bunting neatly displayed until they're packaged and sent off to recipients:


... and photo boxes and repurposed containers keep small bits of paper neatly sorted for projects:


After a long week at work, my crafty nook is my retreat.  Instead of resembling a frothy confection, it's more, well, twigs and tulle.  It's filled with reminders of friends and family, visual and tactile inspiration, and the tools I use to capture happy sentiment full of color.  My collections keep me company, music sets my pace, and my hands and imagination are anything but idle.

Thank you for visiting, and do let me know where I can come to visit your creative space~



  1. Dear Michaele

    Thanks so much for visiting me at Create With Joy and inviting me into your gorgeous workspace - I love all that you've shared, post-wise and photo-wise!

    You have such a beautiful craft room - I especially love your re-purposed card catalog!

    I host a weekly creative party called Inspire Me Monday and I would LOVE for you to share your beautiful creations with us!

    Have a fabulous week and if you'd like to meet some more bloggers, join us at Friendship Friday!

    Create With Joy

  2. Oh...I love love love your velvet chair...and thank you for swinging by my studio...I will definitely be back to yours... I love the color in your studio...I am definitely not a "white" person...give me color every time...I will be back!

  3. Thanks for visiting my yours. I love how you have your banners stored the best. Looks like a great getaway after a long week!

  4. Lovely space Michaela!! There are so many things I the old card file filled with ribbon and glitter.!! A girl can never have enough glitter :):) Thanks for sharing..and stopping by my blog to visit. Many hugs --

  5. Hello Michaele
    Yes it is so very pretty and homely in your creative space and I can feel your happiness there. Love so many of your storage ideas too like your little card catalogue drawers and your metal stand for sewing items and ornaments.
    It is lovely to visit and hope to return.

  6. Flood? Lost everything? Oh my I would cry for days~ meanwhile your new dream space is quite fabulous! I want your card catalog.. just sayin :) - fun storage ideas -- Thanks for sharing your space.

  7. Hay Michaela,

    Your space is lovely..
    I like your decorations..

    Thanks for sharing with us..

    Please take a look into my world..

    Love from Marijke
    from Holland

  8. Love it, Michaele! I so want that green chair! What a perfect place to sit and read through your magazines for more inspiration. Love the light you get in here, too. Very organized storage ~ I love the variety you use, too. Helps keep it interesting, I think. Great idea to cover the metal filing cabinet with paper. I love that it not only made it pretty for you, but that you can hang things on it, too.

  9. Oh Michaele I love your space. It is dreamy. Your card catalog and chalk board what a great idea. I am so glad you stopped by. I just became your newest follower and I would love to keep in touch.

  10. You have the most wonderful spot/space for
    working in.. and if you ever come into the
    room one day and that very nice chair is
    missing, well it was me!
    Have a great week!

  11. Gorgeous space! Love your projects too. I had a chance to purchase a 5 foot card catalong for $20 at a yard sale once. I had no where to put it. Now that I'm separated/divorcing, I am kicking myslef for not grabbing it!! Love yours and all your goodies!

  12. What fun! I love what you did with the file cabinet. And your banners are great. I'll be back.

  13. Awesome! Oh how I want a file card cabinet.... I have wanted one for years.... sigh. Maybe one day. You are lucky I live so far away ;)

    Seriously, your place is fab; I can't imagine losing everything in a flood.

  14. Sorry to hear that you lost everything..Happy that you now have your dream home and a great studio!! LOVE the card catalog holder! Awesome piece. Halloween..guess I could start thinking about it! Loved the tour and thanks for visiting me.

  15. It really is so sad to hear of your lose the things you have created with your hands and heart is sad....but you do look like you're rebuilding and moving on...and really that's all we can do when stuff like that happens to us....easier said than done....

    thanks so much for sharing your story...your creative space....your heart.

    ciao bella
    your newest follower

    creative carmelina

  16. Oh, wow! What a sorry to read of losing so much...but thankfully you have restarted and have flourished! Your new space is just beautiful! LOVE the chair! Thank you for sharing. ; )

  17. Your studio is a wonderland! I could get lost for days in there.
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Oh my GOSH, I LOVE your eclectic style!! Each area is a treat and the different 'feel' of all the items just keeps the eye moving all around to take it all in! SO refreshing!!

    I'd love to have you come check out my folk-art-y creative space is definitely NOT a frothy confection. Unless you count the cat hair, LOL!

    Soggy Bottoms Baby Duds blog

  19. What a fantastic place you have to create in!! I fell in love with your beautiful victorian chair the minute I saw it! So sorry to hear about the loss of your previous craft room but it looks like you have been blessed with another just full of all kinds of pretties to create with!

    I am loving my new little space I created this year!

    bee blessed

  20. I love love your chair ... and this is a lovely space that you have made for yourself.

  21. What a wonderful space you have Michaele. I adore the antique catalog holder and have been looking for one for quite a while now. Isn't funny how our treasures can spread from a nook to entire room. How nice for you to be in your dream home and spread out a little. Your room is beautiful.

  22. I love how you use every inch of space....the chalkboard holding your bunting in fun. That card catalog holding your glitter and that that too. So much to see....thank you for sharing. Best Wishes, Bobbie

  23. love love love your space!! I soooo want a chair like that!!! EEK! I love the idea of the bars!!Very COOL!

  24. Okay, I'm wiping a bit of drool off my chin! Geeorgeeusss!!!
    That space has "come in and play" written all over it!

    ...and I especially love that you have Halloween stuff up already! My favorite Holiday :D

  25. Adore that chair! You have such a fun space to create in, thank you for sharing.

  26. So sorry to hear about the flooding.. and with your husband away! You are a strong woman to contend with that... pick up the pieces and move on! Bravo! I love the buntings that you create. Very sweet!! So much eye candy to look at it was a pleasure to see your space! And congrats on the getting your dream home! You deserve it! Drop on by my blog when you get the chance to see where I spend my time. I will even offer iced tea and nibbles! Thanks again for sharing!

  27. Well you have done a wonderful job. Your space is so full of beautifully organized supplies and art. Getting here late has the benefit of finding out about your rods. Very clever. {drooling over your library file box}
    I too steal my ancestors when I have to and worship the Somerset Mags LOL.
    Thanks for sharing Keep smiling and creating. I am on the list.

  28. What a perfect and nicely organized creative space. I love how you used ordinary things for craft storage.

  29. I just love your studio and those library card drawers are to die for! I must follow you here.

  30. Your creative space is wonderful! I love the card catalog; wish I had one. Your cubbies with the canvas totes, real cool. You must have tons of fun when you're there crafting away! Love your buntings!
    Glad you recovered from the dreadful flooding, bless you for being a strong woman.
    Thanks for sharing your new space and your lovely work.

  31. Hello Michaele! What a wonderfully inspiring creative space you've created!! Love how you've made the practical beautiful! And the card catalog - SWEET! Your creations are just lovely and fun! LOVE it all!! So happy you have your dream home and within it, such a lovely place to dream...thank you for sharing!

    And thank you for your visit and sweet comment at my place - I treasure it, and the opportunity to meet you!!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  32. You are so organized! I love the library cabinets -- I have always wanted some of those!

  33. Such a wonderful space. Love all your goodies and displays. So sad to hear that your original space flooded. Love your buntings. Thanks for the lovely tour and have a great day. Angela

  34. Michaele your studio is such a colorful and happy place! I'm sure you are very happy when you spend time in there! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!

  35. Michaele,
    Your space is just lovely, isn't it awesome to have it all to yourself?:) I love all of the clever storage you have and yes, I have a white spinny crafty holder thingy on my table too!Thank you for sharing with us.

  36. Military brat AND wife here, so I know how it is about the moving!! Your space is lovely ~ so colorful & bright!
    but I don't have one of the white Making Memories desk caddies ~ mine is from good old Lillian Vernon!!
    Thank you for sharing your space ~

  37. I am so happy for you that you finally got not only your dream home, but your own space to create in. You have been through a lot and certainly deserve it. I love how you have decorated your space, as well as organized it. I laughed at your comment about the white lazy susan desk caddies because I see them everywhere too and I want one so badly! Don't know where you all get them? Are they expensive?

    I love your blog and am so glad I found it through this hop. I am now following you and intend to head over to your Etsy shop after I finish up here.

    Thank you for sharing your space with us. I don't have a craft room, I have a desk shoved in my bedroom where I make do, but I dream of one day having my own space as well.


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