Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Gift of Art

After traveling to be with my family, I returned home and found two lovely packages from two creative and talented ladies that I met this year via Our World, Our Art.

Helen from Natures Walk Studios sent me a set of beautiful cards printed from her mixed media paintings:

I can imagine the smiles that my recipients will wear when they open the envelopes and find the vibrantly beautiful flowers inside! The Alaskan in me loves the blue forget-me-nots the most.

You can find more of Helen's lovely art in her Etsy shop.


Can you tell what this treasure is? Tee created it, recycling a fairly common household item.  I'll give you a hint: underneath the lace, flowers, leaves, buttons, beads and rosettes, is a box.

A matchbox.

And look at the two lovely rose clips!  Talk about all things ~*feminine*~!

Tee creates incredibly detailed matchbox art- take a peek here!


Thank you, Helen and Tee!  I look forward to visiting you time and time again as we all continue on our creative journeys!


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