Monday, February 2, 2015


I'm always happy for a snow day, and not just because I'm Eskimo.

Or prefer colder weather.

Or because I'm a teacher.

I'm always happy for a snow day because I get to spend more time in here:

The Crafty Nook.

This room doesn't judge my jammie attire, ragamuffin hair, or lack of jewelry.  It's my sanctuary, full of things I like, love, enjoy, and am inspired by.  I can fiddle with fabric, yarn, buttons, lace, paper, and all sorts of bits and bobs.

That's right, I'm a fiddler.

I might crochet today, since I have some yummy raspberry swirl yarn:

... or catch up on some home decor eye candy:

Maybe I'll dream up some cute craft that utilizes these pastel-dotted dominoes I discovered recently at an antique shop:

... or I'll plan some valentine sweetness, inspired by hearts:

What do you fiddle around with on a snow day?

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  1. Was fiddling with my farm notebook I bought from Erin Conderen. I am journaling & putting pictures in all about my farm. Love me some snow days too!


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