Saturday, February 7, 2015

~Squealing Like a Little Girl~

... and can you blame me?

This box, t-h-i-s box, is one I look forward to receiving every February, and with good reason: there's always Heart to Heart Swappy Goodness inside!

I love opening all of the envelopes, cellophane, and tissue paper wrapping to reveal the treasures inside:

A miniature gumball machine and dimensional map hearts...

Love banner mounted on (and originally wrapped around) a spool (look at all of the fabrics and embellishments!)...

Matchbox miniature in sweet pastels...

Literally a "flying heart" ornament!

This layered ornament reminds me of the one ~I~ contributed to the swap.  So nice to see a touch of ~crochet~ (hinty hint-hint).

Buttons and stitching are a lovely combination...

Valentine flash cards appeal to my inner teacher.  Wait a minute... I'm REALLY a teacher...

When pigs fly!  Another reason to ~squeal~.

Paper textures and eyelet...

Whooo loves you?

... and another quick peek at the gumball miniature!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, dearest Heart to Heart Swappers, and thank you to Super Sarah over at Makin' Projiks for helping all of us share the love and our creative talents with other crafty valentines!


Check back for tomorrow's post to see the ornament I created for this year's swap!


  1. What fun! I think the love banner around the thimble could be a snippet roll! The little owl is adorable!

  2. I agree, this Swap was Fabulous!!!!!
    I'm like you, LOVED everything I got!
    So much fun opening all the packages, and love your crocheted heart valentine ;)
    I made what you call the "Love Banner."
    I like that name for it!
    I used mostly Vintage items, with a twist of some new.
    Thanks for participating and your love and efforts that went into this swap!
    Fellow Swapper,
    Beth Boothe


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