Sunday, March 22, 2015

Crochet: Spring Necklaces

On my last day of Spring Break, I wanted to work through a quick spring project.

Something fast.

Something easy.

Something that I could wear in the classroom this week to ease the shock of the plunge back into kindergarten-land.

Teachers understand this.

Searching for necklace tutorials, I came across this set posted by Tip Junkie, and stopped scrolling when I found:

The free pdf pattern is here (wish the author's name was included, I'd love to credit her).

Not having the same size crochet hook, I used an "I" and chained all of my links loosely to make a longer necklace.  Friends and I discovered some fun yarn on sale a few weekends ago when we visited the West Bottoms in Kansas City, and this was the perfect opportunity to use it.

 I don't usually crochet at my desk, but my feet were trapped, so I stayed put:

The necklaces worked up quickly, and it was fun finding bright embellishments to add to the pastel and green chains I made:

These will certainly add a ~pop~ of color to my outfits this week!


Heidi Bears shares a great crochet rose tutorial here.

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  1. This post and the one by Tip Junkie were so inspiring! Makes me wish I could remember how to crochet!


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