Monday, March 20, 2017

Bunnies on the Brain

Day 3 of Spring Break, and I've got bunnies on the brain, which is probably appropriate as it's the first day of spring itself.... understandable, as I distract myself in order to avoid jinxing my forsythia... it might have survived the winter!  And well...

... they're just cute.

Yarn, paper, paint, ribbon, beads, floss, felt, felted balls, needles, scissors, thread, hot glue, all in a pile.  Disorganized inspiration for the afternoon.

Pompom bunnies first, a craft I've been wanting to try for several years. Yes, years.  I'm a kindergarten teacher, so I pin a lot of crafts to Pinterest, and promptly run out of time to try them.

But ~not~ on spring break.

White yarn, gray yarn.  Cute little pink pearl beads.

And ta-daaaaaaaaaaa!  A white chinchilla-looking fuzzball.

"Bunny" it is!

Then I tried some floppy ears.  I think I love them.

I told a friend that the pompom bunnies were cute, but weren't singing to me.  Time to move on to paper and paint.

I printed out a template of a rabbit shape that I liked, but couldn't decide between sheet music or black paper with white polka dots.

Why not play with paint while I decide, I thought.

I even tossed some light and dark gray on there and smeared it around.  Tearing some floral scrapbooking paper seemed like a good idea too, at which point I decided on the black and white polka dot bunny silhouette.

Here are the piles now, paint drying, coffee gone.

Just enough time to blog.

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