Thursday, June 3, 2010

Six Days

Six days into my break from teaching and I'm reaching the midway point:  half of my days are spent in the go-go-GO mode while the other half are spent completely zoned out or napping.  My summer transition is happening, but it's an odd sensation.

I will never be an advocate for year-round school.  Ever.  As I'm not "just" a teacher, but a mother, wife, friend, and enjoyer of crafty hobbies, time is precious.  I refuse to believe that spending all of my waking hours in do-or-die mode for my paid profession, chosen responsibilities, and beloved interests will produce the best and most desired results for any of them.  Sacrificing one for the others is not an option for me.  For some people maybe. Definitely not for me.

I have to recharge my batteries in order to be a good teacher, mom, wife, etc.  I think a lot of other people need to make time for themselves too, but don't.


Recent self a-ha-isms:

~ My interest in home decor and design carries over into my beliefs about functionality and form in my classroom.  My teaching environment must not only be user friendly and efficient, but interesting, soothing, comfortable and conducive to creativity and learning.

~ Barbeque flavored chips and large curd cottage cheese... divine.

~ Shorter hair totally rocks (I'll update my photo this week- goodbye mane, hello... change!)...

~ I'd love to collaborate with a jewelry crafter with mad soldering skills to use up some of the colorful scraps created by my bitty banners/bunting... I'm thinking pendants for bracelets, necklaces, ornaments...

~ Fashion icons from formative teen years have a way of channeling themselves into my crafty endeavors.  Who knew Ralph Lauren's influence would appear in my banners?


*Totally* Ralph, don't you think?

They'll be in my Etsy shop this weekend.

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  1. I am new to your blog, and I love it! I just graduated in May and I got a job teaching Kindergarten in the fall! I'm so nervous and your blog is helping me ease the heartburn that I have every time I think of it! haha, so thank you for having a blog. Thank you.


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