Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year~

Are you ready for the new year?

I'm closing out 2012 completing some little chores: laundry, watering the plants and cleaning off the beater brush on the vacuum.  Oh, the glamour... but still indicative that we have transformed our house into a home over the past twelve months.

I'm happy to have figured out the prototype for this year's ♡ to ♡ Swap.  Some of last year's crafty resolutions have gone unrealized, but I'm grateful that family and friend time was increased as work balanced itself out.

I'm thawing chicken breasts so we can make The College Boy's chicken parmesan for dinner tonight.  I'm terribly proud of my babies, and grateful that they're finding their way.  A trip to Alaska  needs to be planned soon: this is the year I become the mother of a college graduate.

The last day of the year finds me enjoying how the snowflakes are getting bigger, fluffier and more abundant through the windows.

Though it can be a bore that some of my resolutions repeat themselves year after year, it's reassuring to me that so too do my hopes and wishes for my family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and those joining us for another trip around the sun.  Please make good choices as you welcome 2013 in your own way.  Be generous with your kindness, thoughtful in your endeavors, considerate with your actions, and gentle on yourself as you navigate all of the adventures that the new year has in store for you.

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