Friday, December 21, 2012

Twigs, Wood, Paper

... with a smear of Mod Podge and a dusting of glitter:

Last night I decided to add some sparkle to wooden clothespins to be used on some twiggy branches from my father in law's farm.  Working by twinkle lights, it was a simple project with results that are likely to go unnoticed by my family.

But *~I~* know the sparkle is there!

clipsbegin project

Mod Podge, glitter (I decided to save the red for February), clothespins and some paper to catch the excess)...

bare pins

Coated pins, just waiting for...

white glitter

Where did I use the clips?

sparkleyclips in tray

Halfway down our stairs there is a landing, just wide enough for a small display table and some silk flowers.  I added the bare branches, which ended up looking like the perfect place for this year's Christmas cards:


cardsonbranches final

bracheswithcards final

With today's sunshine, it's difficult to see the glitter.  This evening by candlelight though, our cards will have a bit of bling to them.

How do you display your holiday cards?

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