Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Patriotic Swap

Sarah at Makin' Projiks hosted yet another fun swap that I had to be a part of this summer.  Bring on the red, white, and blue!

Mikey made a wonderful two sided tag, featuring a denim flower on the front...

... and a Land of the Free medallion on the back, full of sparkle!

Tamera crammed so much patriotic goodness into her liberty basket ornament- I love it!

Sarah made this adorable paper hat...

Michelle and Ashley created a jar collage full of real stamps, and another ornament further down. Scroll, scroll, scroll!

Megan made this ribbon rosette...

... and this flag pin...

... A-N-D this wooden clothespin!

... and Michelle and Ashley made this wreath!

Unfortunately, Lady Liberty's body didn't survive the mailing process, but never fear, I KNOW I have a blue bulb ornament that I can use to fix her right up, which I know will please Beth:

What ornament did I make for the swap?

A little furry friend, ready to celebrate Independence Day!

Thank you Sarah and fellow swap participants!  We're decorating for the fourth of July in style!

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