Friday, July 3, 2015

Return to Bunting

Years ago, when I first decided to carve out a crafty space for myself, I did so in order to try my hand at making bunting.  I needed a place to store paper, ribbon, tulle, buttons, adhesive, scissors, and one or two hole punches, so I commandeered a 5 X 5 foot space from our basement, and began creating triangular paper bunting.  I eventually made some square and rectangular pennants too, but never the egg/oval folded-in-half style.  After my morning coffee, I decided today was the day to try it.

When I work with paper for a collage, bunting, or jewelry assemblage, I am a dumper.  I pull out a ton of paper in the colors and prints that I think might work, open up my ribbon drawers and toss a few spools up on the table, and tip over storage bins that are now full of many more paper punches, beads, buttons, and ephemera.  Dump, grab.  Dump, rummage.  Dump, AHA! 

I pull a length of ribbon across two or three patterned papers, decide what looks pretty, and then put materials I've decided ~not~ to use away.  If I had a larger workspace, I'm certain I'd just shove the pile over to the side, but the drawback of having to work on a smallish table actually contributes to the order and cleanliness of my craft room.  Ironic, no?

Here was this morning's process:

Smile.  Bliss.

It was a good day to return to bunting.

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