Saturday, July 11, 2015

Where Bloggers Create 2015

Greetings from Oz (Kansas!), fellow creative souls!  

My name is Michaele, and I've been looking forward to sharing with you the nooks and crannies that keep all of my treasures and I-know-I-can-use-this-in-some-way items organized yet within reach in one of my favorite places ever: My Crafty Nook.  Seeing the beautiful photos of Karen Valentine's creative haven reassures me that I'm not the only drawer/cubbie/container addict out here.  I can't wait to visit you all!

Please, come in:

I should explain: it's not really a "nook."  When I first carved out a space for myself years ago, it was no bigger than a five foot by five foot corner in a basement, and I used extra bedroom furniture for storage.  It came to be known in my family as "Mom's Crafty Nook," and the name stuck.  When we bought our forever home, the nook became an entire spare room, but that cozy, self contained feeling of being surrounded by tools, paper, yarn, ephemera and tchotchkes remained.  "Nook."

My creative space is downstairs, which receives plenty of light first thing in the morning, but not on rainy days like yesterday when I took photos.  Late afternoon, evening, and rainy weather make lamps and lights necessary.  You'll see little lamps, twinkle lights, and an Ott light in here.

I crochet, cross stitch, and paper craft mostly.  Needing to keep two cats out of my yarn, a tall basket lets me pile up my stash, with perforations letting me see what I've got. 

I like to keep samples of the charms I've made, so they're hung in a shadowbox.

I love Russian lacquer boxes, platters, and matryoshka dolls. 

Cubbies for paper and ephemera storage, and fabric drawers for all sorts of goodies: sheet music, book pages, bulk garland, bottle brush trees, photos of adopted ancestors, adhesives... so many materials, so many possibilities.

If you've visited me before, you know about my "meant to be" chairs, one discovered in one small Kansas antique shop years ago, the other found a year or two ago here in town in yet another antique store.  

I like to see the materials I most often use when making bunting, altered art pages, or when I want to pretty up a gift.  Glass jars and dishes are some of my favorite storage items.

My cupcake stand is filled with ceramic tea cups from Starbucks and glass votives.  Sometimes it looks like a tiered cake, but other times it resembles a Christmas tree!

I love working with twigs and tulle to make wreaths (which is how my blog's name came to be), so of course I have to have some twiggy branches in my space.  Paper garland, twinkle lights and ornaments are changed out seasonally.

My crafty nook is the perfect place to read, enjoy coffee, and nibble or ~devour~ cookies.

The day I discovered why my husband loved Harbor Freight Tools so much was a magical day for our marriage indeed. Bins, drawers, storage g-a-l-o-r-e there, I'm telling you.  I had planned to paint everything softer, less utilitarian colors when I first got them, but didn't really felt the need to change them once they were filled.  Funny how that happens.

My soldering and charm-making bits and bobs can be found here, but also in another set of drawers near my worktable.

Push-pin boards allow me to tack up buttons, cards, and artwork:

The internet is FULL of arty, crafty inspiration, but so are books and magazines.

 I have a worktable and a desk in my crafty nook. Here's where I blog and pen correspondence:

I covered a metal filing cabinet with wrapping paper, yes, wrapping paper. Apparently I didn't feel like spray painting it that day.

More cubbies, nooks and crannies for my treasured gifts from friends and family:

A lacquered mug and lazy susan keep my pens, pencils and markers corralled.

Another lazy susan keeps my jewelry making tools and scissors within reach on my worktable.

Ribbons, rick rack and trim are tucked into this fabric craft tote, which sits atop a second set of bins full of beads and jewelry findings.

An old card catalog houses spools of ribbon, and my paper cutters are stored nicely under my worktable.

Do you remember my bunting bars? I love them, but they're going to be empty soon: out with the old, and in with the new.  I've found new bunting patterns that I'm looking forward to making, so these colorful friends will be sold and given away.

I love my paper rack.  I keep cardstock on it, with all of my patterned scrapbook paper stored in drawers in the closet.

 Last year I noticed so many of us had the exact same lazy susan in our creative spaces.  Maybe I'll count them this year as I make the rounds!

 Thank you Karen, for hosting yet once again, my favorite online eye-candy event, and thank YOU, dear visitors to my blog and creative space!  I'm on my way to visit you next!



  1. such a lovely space! I love the cupcake stand idea! I have no space in my room for it, alas!

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful creative space. I adore seeing how you have organized your supplies. This is such a fun event. Creative Bliss and High on Life July...

  3. What a wonderful creative Nook you have made for yourself! Love all of the great storage! Happy Creating, Cindy

  4. So much great inspiration. I think what I covet most here is the paper storage. That is always an issue for me.

  5. Hello Michaele, its wonderful to be here visiting your studio again. It is looking amazing! I'm loving the meant to be chairs of course, the Shadow box idea is a great one. The rolls of tickets are divine and the Old Card Catalogue unit is fabulous too. Thanks so much for the tour. Karen.x

  6. Hi Michaele,

    This is my third visit to your craft nook I think, and as always it is so lovely. You have filled it with too many intriguing and useful things to list all that I like, but the cupcake stand filled with crafty bits and pieces is so neat, and I simply love your shadow box with the charms. Adorable.

    Thank you for the tour.

    Best wishes,
    Gwen ( my daughter and I are participating in Where Bloggers Create at the links below ;-)

  7. What a great space! I don't think I would ever leave...

  8. I really like the way you have combined organization and beloved treasures ~ it must be a joy to create in such a room!
    Thanks for the nose-round ~

  9. I have so much to say I don't know where to start. . . I LOVE the Eyeores, laughed out loud at the comment about counting the craft caddies we all have from Michael's, think your whole room is gorgeous, homey and lovely. You do beautiful work and I want one of those gorgeous buntings so when you sell, let me know girl!!! I also want to know if you loan out out the handy hubby with the Harbor Freight tools to the unmarried and uncoordinated ladies out here. . . lol!! Thanks for letting us see your beautiful space, I hope you craft there for many more happy and healthy years!

  10. What a wonderful room. I like the MOM CAVE pillows . . . those are great, especially setting on your Victorian chairs. those poor Victorian ladies didn't have a chance to have their own space . . .we have come a long way, sister. I love banners and I loved seeing all of your . . . all made up in every color and ready for a celebration. Thank you for allowing me to enter your gorgeous space and snoop around.
    Have a great week.
    Connie :)

  11. I love your 'nook'. I adore the Victorian chairs and the card catalog to store ribbons--what a great idea! I would never leave that room if it was mine. Such a great creative space you have.

  12. Oh I love your room. Don't tell anyone but I think yours is the prettiest most functional room on the tour! I love the chairs I kinda remember the story but I don't really remember the room. Did you change it alot? I love what you've done. I would love a cozy area to sit and read. Thanks for sharing!
    I loved the tour.

  13. Oh opps. One more thing. I love the twig spray hanging over the table. So very cute. I want to hang lights in my space I think I'll try something similar.

  14. Awesome space!!! I love to see organization!!! I have to know where everything is in my space. I love the pillow on the chair that says MOM CAVE!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  15. Love your "nook"! I have a cup cake holder and only ever put cupcakes on it...must borrow this idea, love it! Your whole studio is beautiful and your nesting dolls caught my eye as did those gorgeous chairs, what a place to dream and play! Thank you for a peek into your creative haven.

  16. Love love love you studio Michaele! The two velvet chairs are yummy and that card catalog is divine!! Thank you so much for joining the party and letting us all enjoy it!!
    xo, Karen

  17. Love your space! My favorites are your two Victorian chairs and card catalog drawers, swoon!♥

  18. Looks like you got a good sized space. I like the idea of the Harbor Freight. My husband loves that place. If I said I wanted to go to some of those he'd be in the car waiting before I could get the sentence out. lol Lovely space thanks for sharing.

    1. Left out the bins. Should have said Harbor Freight bins. Darn dyslexia. Thank goodness there's spell check. lol

  19. Wow, wow, wow. I realize I'm late visiting, but I couldn't miss this opportunity to see your beautiful "nook." And beautiful it truly is. I'm a big fan of those bins from Harbor Freight. I just got my sale bill and they are on sale this time, too. I may have to invest in a few more.

    Your buntings are adorable and I'm totally impressed with the bars of buntings you have created. I also LOVE your soldering area and pieces you've made. Simply gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely craft nook, which I call divine, with us.

  20. Oooo la la! The card catalogue is fabulous. I love how welcoming your space looks. What is bunting? Perhaps it is banners? Too funny that I don't know what it is! I have that spinner in black. Someone should totally count those!

  21. I love your cozy and inviting creative nook! It is so well organized. You have inspired me to visit our local Harbor Freight store. I love your gift-wrapped file cabinet, your charm shadowbox, and that vintage card catalog is fabulous! Those chairs were certainly meant to be together. 💕 Thank you for sharing your creative space.

  22. Your sweet space looks enchanting and full of My kind of fun. I'm now Your newest follower. Please do jump on over for a visit any time. You may have to scroll down a bit to see My tiny modest space I craft in.Denise

  23. Lots of exciting happening in your space, fun to see what you have made. That lazy Suzan is something I have seen around too, matter of fact I had one for years but never knew how to work in to my work space (finally gave it away and another artist in enjoying it).

  24. Okay, you took my breath away!! LOVE those chairs as i am a Victorian Soul!! And that wall of shelving is fantastic!! You have a lovely creative space and have it organized beautifully! And filled with eye candy to boot!! LOVE IT!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


  25. Such a fabulous nook! You have such talent for organizing! LOVE that cupcake holder. Have to admit I stole your idea fro holding ribbon in a card catalog. I have one just sitting doing nothing and am filling it with my ribbon today! Enjoyed my visit.


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