Monday, July 9, 2018

Summer Greenhouse Growth... FINALLY

Thanks to my late start and scaled-back plans for the greenhouse, I'm just now beginning to see the start of some productive growth.


As it turns out, being forced into a restful summer (see previous post) does nothing to curb one's tendency towards impatience.

Fine.  It does nothing to curb MY tendency. There.  I blogged it.

Blooms appearing on bell pepper plants. A single bloom on the lemon tree (some sort of pest attacked it when it overwintered indoors, so I had to treat and clean it like crazy to salvage it). One bright jewel on the tomatoes.  Cucumber vines taking over the place, attaching their tendrils to the tomato cage, with more climbing up toward the roof (seriously, where are you going?).  Perky, happy, bright flowers within and cheerful, tall wallflowers growing like weeds (and with them) surrounding the whole thing.

Not bad.  Not what I had envisioned during the spring, but pleasing nonetheless.

How does your garden grow this summer?

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