Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Adopted Ancestors: There's Always NEXT Summer

At the start of summer I ~vowed~ to work on altered art utilizing some of the images of adopted ancestors I've collected over the years.

I scanned the photos, hung several up for display, and considered myself committed.  I had a-l-l summer.

I then spent much of my time back in my classroom, pulling out, sorting through and organizing eighteen years' worth of teaching materials and supplies.  It was a daunting but necessary task.

I'm still reaping the benefits of having invested the time getting everything right where it should be.  I haven't (knock wood) had to spend hours after school or over the weekend finding and prepping materials for my students.  W-o-r-t-h it.

But I didn't work with adopted ancestors in the crafty nook, not once.

Needing a little redemption and finding inspiration as I noticed October sneaking up, I thought I'd work on these ladies:

Slightly stern in appearance... perhaps it's the starch in their blouses.  They would make lovely witches... brujas, "witches, crones."  Oh yes.

I scanned and lightened the photograph, and decided on Elphaba-inspired-green:

Hats, bats, glitter and pennants.  It's fun to color, cut, glue, write, and collage.  So much fun, that I really should do it more often.

There's always next summer. 

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