Thursday, February 13, 2014

Heart to Heart Swap 2014

Life has its peaks and valleys, calm ponds and raging rivers.  Find a little hill and a chilly stream, and that's how I'd describe the past week.  Nothing major, but significant enough inconveniences, shocks and transitions to make a person want to call a time out, brew some coffee, snuggle under a blankie, and inhale a tray of tiramisu.

Maybe that's just me.

When this box arrived on my doorstep, I was suddenly willing to drop the blankie, shuffle over to the door, and carefully carry the box to the dining room table.  It's a special box.  It's the box from Sarah:

Open the top...

... and let a happy grin spread:

Carefully unpack each item (hey, there's something HEAVY at the bottom of the box):

My heart started to race.  Seriously.  Let the Heart to Heart Swappy Goodness begin!

The painted rock was so sweetly painted by Megan, from Life at the 800 House.  S-w-o-o-n!   And the rectangular ornie with pipecleaner and bunting trim?  That was sent by Michelle and Ashley at The Tattered Quilt Cottage, though Ashley sent another ornie shown further down in this post.  The felt, tulle, lace, fabric yo-yo and button stitched heart was made by Rachel at Pink Misfit.

The pair of sage/minty green felt hearts are handwarmers!  Thank you, Jennifer Z.!  Look at the beautiful button that Wanda of The Rat's Pajamas sewed onto the softest cream heart.

I am all about heart jewelry this February.  The red felt and sequined heart brooch that Debra, The Early Bird made will be perfect for my lapel this week.  Look at the sweet kitty!  Isn't she the cat's meow?  The adorably pink pipe cleaner ornie was made by Tamera, The Menopausal Supermodel, and oh yes, I'll be visiting her blog again, and again, and again!

Shara at Monkeybox made this adorable deer-in-cloche ornament.

... and Mikey at Shabby French Cottage sent chalkboard love tags. He knows how to appeal to my teacher's heart, doesn't he?

Who-hoo will be my valentine?  This bright ~Owl Cherish You~ card was made by Tina.

Sarah made picture frame ornies, sprinkled with stars (my favorite!) trimmed with a ruffle, and featuring a glamour girl from yesteryear.  See the ornie from Ashley?  It's a mason jar lid!

Finally, Tiff at Folded Gingham made a multi-fabric heart ornament with silver beads and heart ribbon... so sweet!


What did I make for the swap?  Altered domino charms/ornies!

I layered cardstock mini heart punches over gray and white polka dot scrapbook paper, and Mod Podged it to the back of a mini-domino.  After drying, I soldered around the edge of the domino, added jump rings to the top and bottom, and suspended a pearl dangle at the end.  I glued a heart shaped button to the top for a dimensional touch.  I hope all of this year's swap participants enjoy them!

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