Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday... Snow Day

As a teacher, I appreciate ~true~ snow days, when my second grader can stay home, play in the snow, and know that I'm going to have a mug of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows waiting for him.  I hope my students and their families are able to appreciate and indulge themselves due to today's weather too.

Every child should get to play in the snow, don't you think?

He's  not outside yet though, oh  no.  Video games are keeping him glued to the couch... for now.  Once we get the accumulation promised however, he'll be sent outside to shovel the sidewalk, make some snow angels, and if the snow is moist enough, make a snowman to friendly-up our yard.

As for me, a rogue nostril (the left one) has me checking for tissue proximity as I walk through each room in the house.  There's a box on the coffee table, one in our bathroom, and one on my desk in the crafty nook.  I may have to break down and position a box of Kleenex on the countertop in my laundry room for strategy's sake.  Those of you who have experienced a singular nostril pulling out all of the stops, showing off its drippity-drip-drip skills ~know~ what I'm talking about.  And how about the singular nostril congestion phenomenon?  If it's not dripping at inopportune moments, it feels like it's inflating into my eye socket.

See?  Kindergarten teachers at home for a snow day STILL have an issue with snot, it just doesn't involve controlling one's urge to cringe and/or gag while looking out over a sea of smiling, nose-picking (and finger-licking) faces during story time.  Pass.  The.  Kleenex.  Please.

To pass the time (with regular hand washing), I'll spend part of the day in the crafty nook.

Drip or no drip, congestion or sneezes, I can't help but be happy in here.  I've already managed to find some paper, paint chips, extra ribbon, adhesive letters and buttons.  With my glue gun's help, a small valentine banner has come together.

Hugs.  Kisses.


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