Thursday, February 6, 2014


I love snow, soft and fluffy, or hard-packed and crunchy, like it is today after yesterday's storm.

In Kansas, you have to photograph the snow early in the morning, or late in the afternoon/early evening, as it's seriously blinding if you try it any other time.  The snow-packed prairie makes the snow seem like it stretches on forever, similar to tundra, only with many more hills and trees.

In my former hometown in Alaska, you can have some hours of bright snow, but not an entire day of it.  Most of the time it's in sparkle mode, instead of blinding mode.

See the sunrise beginning?  It's chilly here for Oz.  Eleven degrees below zero before factoring in the wind chill.

I love the cold as much as I love the snow.  Apparently our porch chairs love winter as well.  Finding a frosty little heart on the button of a cushion made me smile this morning.

Brr.  Time to make some tea.

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