Sunday, February 10, 2013

Heart to Heart Swap 2013

When I first began blogging, I had no idea what linky parties, guest blogging, or participating in crafty swaps were all about.  A full summer of blog discovery later, and I was hooked.

After a bit of blog stalking and finally commenting, I signed up to participate in my first swap, Sarah's Heart to Heart at Makin' Projiks.  I made aqua blue bunting with colorful hearts, sent them off, and by Valentine's Day, had a box full of handcrafted goodies from the other participants.  I was in swap HEAVEN.

I've made it a point to sign up for Sarah's swaps each year, and with a few more under my belt, I'm seriously considering hosting my own swap this summer, with a patriotic/4th of July theme.

Last week, the highly-anticipated Heart to Heart box arrived, and look at what was inside:

Hair pins, a scrunchy paper vintage-y valentine card, a sweet foam heart, seeded paper hearts (can't wait to drop these into the garden!) and a handmade card with layers of paper...

A sweet pendant, heart magnets, a matchbox with chocolate, a bottlecap and spool flower (that's Sarah's beautiful creation!), a glittered "key to my heart," a fabulous Mademoiselle tinsel and crepe paper heart ornament and a vibrant Love U card...

...and two sweet valentine garlands, one with crocheted hearts and the other with quilled paper on felt and ribbon.

Thank you to all of the creative participants in this year's swap! Link my readers up to your blogs by leaving a comment- we'd all love to visit you!

 My treasures are adorning my dining room buffet so I can see them every day.  At the end of the month, they'll be stored away in a treasure box, to be opened, enjoyed and displayed again next February.


What did I make for the swap?

I made Love Shacks.

I'll show them to you tomorrow!


  1. How fun! I love swaps but they are also stressful for me. I am always worried I didn't do enough or what I did wasn't good. UGH *laughs* I stress myself out over the silliest of things sometimes :)

    All your goodies are wonderful!

  2. Hi there,
    I loved your love shacks! They were adorable. (I made the hair pins.) I haven't done a swap in a while but I'm glad I took part in this one. I loved everyone's goodies.

    I normally blog at

    I haven't update with the swap yet but will soon.


  3. Oh Danielle, I LOVE the hair pins! I'm looking forward to wearing them this week. I'll link you up in the blog post. Happy Valentine's Day to you!


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