Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spring Bunting...

 photo a5579000-8055-44fb-93e4-18282cd98ff7_zps797330b7.jpg

...three years in the making.  Just the apple green pennants and pastel pink ribbon were assembled, almost three years ago in our last military issued home.  Carefully packed, moved, unpacked, and hung over my bunting bars in the crafty nook, they've waited.

Until yesterday.

The extra day off from work was like a mini-vacation for me, and I couldn't wait to get to playing with paper.

  photo springbunting1_zpsac2d009a.jpg

Look at them.  Poor things.  Neglected.  But saved for three years.

I thought maybe a mini-pennant punch with some matching paper might cheer them up, but then opted for a mismatched floral:

 photo springbunting2_zpsf82d6ff7.jpg

 photo springbunting3_zps38abff6b.jpg

Couldn't forget the tulle, oh no:

 photo springbunting4_zps14063b85.jpg

Aw, just springy enough to see us through this last cold snap.



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