Monday, February 18, 2013

Order from Chaos: Scrap Paper Clean Up

I use a lot of paper punches when I'm playing downstairs in the crafty nook.  Depending on the project, I'll punch out a green glittered tree from cardstock here, some pink watercolor hearts for bunting there...

I always put my paper back into whatever drawer it came from, but over time the scraps become a bit unruly, bunching up when I open and close the drawer, tearing or creating non-helpful creases across prints and patterns that look much nicer ~without~ the folds.

The three day weekend gave me extra time to solve this problem, using my trusty papercutter, a clear shoebox, and some old drawer dividers:

I trimmed each page, and sorted into ROY G BIV (ish) piles.  After separating each pattern with a divider, voila: I now have manageable scraps for future projects.

What an improvement!

How do you keep your fabric, paper, and embellishment scraps in order?



  1. Michaele,

    Thank you for stopping by to visit & comment on our new workshop. It is soooooooooooo much room I'm not sure what I will do with all of it. But, I do have to share with hubby until we get the second building built to store his toys (RV, BOAT, 4 Wheeler...) So, it won't be "darling" right off the bat. But, it won't be crowded either. Hope you'll keep checking back.

    I LOVE how you organized all that paper. That does get to be an issue doesn't it. I usually put the scraps to the front of the folder of the color that it came from. I try to keep things organized by color or season. Have a great week.


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