Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Love Shack is a Little Ol' Place Where...

... we can get together!

After creating a template for a shack-shaped house, I had so much fun selecting mismatched paper, stickers, buttons and holiday fringe to create my ornament for this year's Heart to Heart swap!

With the B-52's singing in the background, I cut out and assembled each shack, making sure to add a ribbon through the roof for hanging before gluing on the final piece.  The red garland trim reminded me of a grass hut (hula skirt?) and made the house not end quite so abruptly.

A button for the doorknob...

...and button and ribbon detail with my information on the back.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Are you doing something special with your sweetie for Valentine's Day?

I'm taking mine to a meet and greet for the stars of The Walking Dead.

That's right: I am a Zombie-Cool Valentine Wife.


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