Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Day? Time to Rearrange!

Several snow days in a row, and I begin to go a little stir crazy.

Sure, I crochet and craft.

I drink coffee, relax and listen to music.

I blog and help The First Grader into and out of his winter gear.

I make hot chocolate.

I also get the itch to straighten up the house.  Not a deep clean mind you, but enough that I won't hear the Jaws-esque duh-dun... duh-dun of any dust bunnies that most definitely are might be lurking in the corners.

Last weekend after two snow days in a row,  I spied the aforementioned dust bunnies and stepped on four legos while putting the valentine decor away downstairs which is how the family room ended up being completely rearranged.

Got that?  And if so, has it happened to you?

Here's where I started:

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum...

Roll the rug and vacuum some more:

 Reposition the carpet and move bookcase number one:

... followed by the television:

... and the second bookcase.  It was at this point that I 1) began imagining what built-ins would look like (FABULOUS!) and 2) started wondering where I had last put the ibuprofin bottle (OUCH). 

Hello rug.

Let's see how the couch would look as a couch AND a loveseat:

Not bad, not bad.  But we need some more red:

Now get rid of the last few cobwebs, annnnnnndddddddd voila:

Do you know what you do after two snow days and an afternoon of rearranging the family room?

You nap.

Oh yes, you nap.

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