Friday, June 27, 2014

Lighten Up

 I have a thing for cubbyholes, nooks and crannies, divided storage and multi-size displays.  Exploring one of my favorite antique malls recently, I came across this tabletop paper/media shelf.

Dark brown, dusty, but sturdy.  Not too big, not too small, and something that could easily add some vertical storage in my crafty nook.

Or bedroom.

Or classroom.


That's right, I'm ~all about~ possibilities.

But not splinters.  Or dust.  Or the dark color of the wood.

So out came my sander.  My old, had-it-since-Alaska sander.

I don't want this piece to be pristine... rough around the edges (but MUCH lighter in color) is just fine by me.

So I used some cream colored spray paint to lighten the organizer up.  It lightened my red nail polish too... whoops.

I left it outside to dry all day, which means tonight I'll 1) bring it indoors and 2) give myself a much needed manicure.

Where do you think it will end up tomorrow?



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