Monday, June 2, 2014

Who's Got the Button?

When I first began making paper bunting, I enjoyed adding colored buttons to the fronts of the pennants for some dimensional detail.  Then soldering, collaging, and crocheting took over for months (and months, and months), so my stash of buttons did little more than stay neatly stored above one of my cabinets.

Aren't lazy Susan spice racks the best?  Thank you Sheila, for the gift years ago.

After lamenting my creative block in the previous blog post, my friend Shannon's advice inspired me to take another look at materials I had readily available but hadn't used in forever.


Buttons and thread?

Buttons and wire?

Nah.  Let's go old school.  

Buttons and g-l-u-e.

That's the ticket.

Finding a seed packet accidentally brought to the crafty nook, I became inspired by its text and photo.  "Annual Cut Flower Mix. Features many shapes, sizes, colors."


I arranged buttons until I achieved the look I wanted for the petals and centers, and then used a hot glue gun adhesive to quickly fix them into place.  I used E-6000 for the top buttons, and after drying overnight, used more on the backside of each flower to ensure the buttons would stay in place permanently.

I still haven't decided how to use the flowers.  Affix pin backs to them?  Attach them to hair pins or claw clips to dress up summer ponytails?  Add them to dominos to make patriotic floral charms?


Button, button.  Who's got the button?

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