Friday, January 28, 2011

Find-It-Friday: Master Salt Cellars and Spoons

Here's another collection I'm building, based off of a salt cellar that once belonged to my great-grandmother:

I have over twenty small salt cellars (yes Mother, you read that right!), but have only one "master cellar," about three inches across.  I also only have one shovel-design spoon and would love to obtain more.

If you have links to antique stores, vintage/antique glassware sellers or some other magic genie who can help me find footed master salts and shovel spoons, please leave their info in the comments section!


How many "treasure hunters" are out there?  If you're looking for a special item, leave a comment here or post about it at your own blog linking back so fellow readers can blog-hop and help you (and me!) track down the goodies we're looking for!


  1. Oh, fun! I have some salts, but they are all different patterns. I didn't realize the larger ones were called "master" cellars! It's cool to learn that!

  2. The salt cellar belonged to your great-great grandmother...MY great grandmother Anna Ruth. So it is older than you think!


  3. Oh, consider the silver salt spoons...tiny but pricey and found at many serious antique malls, shops, fairs.


  4. i'm here from OWOH, but i had to comment on this post!!! i've never seen anyone else that collects salt cellars and spoons!! i have quite a few...i've lost count!
    the spoons have definitely gone up in price over the years and i've found them at various antique stores and my mom found a bunch at the long beach flea market...
    love it!

  5. Hi Lynn!!!! So glad you took a peek- yep, salt cellars... an ongoing collection for me! :) Funny the things we fall in love with!

    Come back anytime!

  6. I have a footed silver colored salt cellar that has a thick clear glass insert. It is marked 610MMET. The matching spoon is marked 210MMH.0.
    Can anyone tell me what these numbers and letters stand for?

  7. I'm guessing the numbers and letters identify the silversmith or company, though I can't find a numerical reference online~ don't you love the mystery of it all?


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